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Kumkum Bhagya January 22, 2018 full episode written update: Purab tells Pragya that Abhi had an accident


Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: January 22, 2018 9:58 pm Kumkum Bhagya January 22, 2018 full episode written update: Pragya takes Dadi to her room along with Robin.

Pragya reminisces how Pragya ran into Dadi and Dasi asking for help and Abhi says she only told him that he should gift someone when he likes the food made by her, so he wants to kiss her and gift her. Pragya says he wants to do more and Dadi and Dasi say they are on Abhi’s side and she runs into the kitchen. Abhi follows her and locks the kitchen’s door from inside and holds her tight. Disha gets her back to reality and says those days can come back if she removes the mask of Munni and they all will understand her and Abhi would understand.

Pragya asks for excuse but Disha says those who are wrong usually hide things. Pragya thinks Abhi must have asked Purab to get to know the truth and Purab would’ve asked her to ask her. She says to her that she’ll tell her everything at the right time. She goes out and looks for Simolika and asks her what she is doing. Simolika shows her some letters and says these are some letters from some of the obsessive girl fans of Abhi and someone amongst them must have done this. Pragya says she thinks it’s not someone very close to the house and knows everything. Simolika gets a call from Vikram and says her mother is calling. Vikram tells her that he has found Khan from some neighbour and he is under his custody.

Pragya thinks who it can be as she has seen the CCTV footage of the concert but has got no clue. Just then Aaliya and Tannu come there talking about celebrating with champagne. Pragya asks them why they are celebrating as she is also a part of their plan. Tannu says of course they know she is Pragya and Aaliya changes the topic. Aaliya says they celebrate soon when she’ll reveal her truth to everyone that she is Munni. They leave and Pragya thinks they must know something.

Simolika reaches Vikram and Khan Chacha starts babbling that God is always with good people like Abhi and Pragya and not people like her and more. Simolika takes the gun from Vikram and shoots him. Vikram checks him and says to Simolika that she shouldn’t have killed him before asking him what he has told to Pragya. She says she doesn’t need that anymore as Pragya has made her partner and she discusses everything with her and she is Pragya’s boss now.

Abhi and Purab ask Disha if she got to know anything and she says she couldn’t as she is Pragya. They both say she is useless and Disha gets upset. Purab starts calming her down when he notices Dadi and Dasi at the door and they go out to know why they are being Mitali. Dadi says they both feel that they all are useless as they have been waiting from so many days that now they’ll reveal that she is Pragya but they’ve all failed. Abhi asks them to close their eyes and ask their hearts if she is Pragya and they all say she is Pragya.
Dadi and Dasi are getting excited that now Abhi and Pragya will get back together when Dadi faints and Pragya comes there and takes her to her room along with Robin. She asks her how did she felt dizzy and says from now on she’ll take care of her and she has to do as she says and she’ll get her a proper diet plan.

She asks Dasi to come out with her and tells her that she’ll have to get her fame tests done to fool Dadi into getting herself tested. She leaves and Dadi asks Dasi if she believes now that she is their Pragya as she only can think like this.

Pragya goes to her room and thinks how she has to manage so much and has to meet Khan Chacha and has to find the girls who tries killing Abhi. She thinks of calling Purab and gets a call from Purab who tells her that Abhi met with an accident.

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