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Coronation Street spoilers: Collapse terror for pregnant Gemma Winter

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Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) has a gob on her with the volume of a crashing Coronation Street tram but she knows how to keep a secret when she needs to. Next week, as her relationship with Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) hits the skids, Gemma is also feeling pretty rotten but puts it down to an illness.

However, savvy Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) spots the obvious signs and reckons that her young mate should take a pregnancy test and voila, the cause of Gemmas morning vomiting is confirmed – shes pregnant!

This throws Gemma into absolute chaos – she is estranged from Ches and this was most definitely not part of the plan. As she avoids him and makes it clear to Rita that she doesnt want him to find out, she later takes an unwell turn and collapses against a wall, feeling faint.

A concerned Chesney takes her along to the medical centre, worried for her health but she keeps her baby secret close to her chest. As she explains to the doctor that this was an unplanned pregnancy and she doesnt know what to do, what decision will she reach and will she share whats going on with Chesney?



The couple went through an arduously long will they/wont they storyline but turned out not to be loves young dream at the end of it all as the reality of their differences made living and holidaying together a pretty painful experience for them and for viewers.

But now that Gemma is pregnant, they are inevRead More – Source