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The 10 Best Sketch Comedy Shows to Stream Right Now


This weekend, NBCs Saturday Night Live will close out its 44th season—with guest host Paul Rudd and musical guest DJ Khaled—and leave its viewers with nothing but reruns until September. Fortunately, streaming services are bursting with sketch shows you can slot into your Saturday nights, or any other time you want.

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If you only know Laugh-In as a punch line in the 30 Rock episode that guest-starred Carrie Fisher, you can watch full episodes from the shows original late-60s/early-70s run—or you can enjoy Still Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate (free to stream for Netflix subscribers), a brand-new special featuring clips, memories, and tributes from both the performers that appeared on it and other pop-culture luminaries who were influenced by it.

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Five Oxbridge grads and one American animator created and starred in this antic series that went on to spin off albums, books, performance tours, and feature films, and which remains endlessly quotable 50 years on.

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Thank the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for The Kids in the Hall, which took up Monty Pythons mantle in the late 80s and early 90s both by putting its stars in drag as needed and being hilarious.

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Dead after just one season, The Ben Stiller Show secondarily served as an incubator for the feature film Reality Bites (and every other film the titular Stiller has directed since then); NewsRadio; Community; The Larry Sanders Show, and many more.

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Speaking of many more: HBOs Mr. Show starred former Stiller performer Bob Odenkirk and former Stiller writer David Cross. With K.I.T.H. and Stiller, it completed the trifecta of seminal Generation X sketch comedy.

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S.N.L.s Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinneys Carrie Brownstein co-created and co-starred in this occasionally barbed but generally affectionate tribute to the personalities and quirks of Brownsteins beloved Portland, Oregon.

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Former MADtv cast members Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele sent up politics and pop culture across five seasons of this series. Check out the Halloween episodes to see Peeles work in suspense and horror pre–Get Out.

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Before co-creating Netflixs animated Big Mouth, Nick Kroll starred in this series, anchored by closely observed and savage spoofs of everything from 2000s-era VH1 reality shows to the girl-murdering “prestige” dramas of the 2010s.

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Close to 30 years after Kids in the Hall premiered on CBC, the network brought the world Baroness von Sketch Show, starring and written by four female comic actors. Their series covers workplace politics, dating pitfalls, and how to check in with the cops on the progress of your rape investigation while remaining polite—as all Canadians must.

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Its only been a few weeks since the premiere of this sketch show, from S.N.L. and Detroiters alumnus Tim Robinson, and yet its impact on pop culture (or, at the very least, social-media memes) already seems so profound that its hard to remember the time before. Other than the brevity of both its episodes and first season, this one is practically perfect.>Read More – Source