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Female Student Athletes Push Back Against Trans Policies In Connecticut



Selina Soule, a high school track and field athlete, is speaking out after losing a spot in the girls track championship to two biological males who were allowed to compete as women thanks to the transgender policies in the state.

Soule explained:

When I was in the indoor season I was in the 8th place of the state open and only the top six qualify for the New England regional meet– because there were two transgender athletes that put me into 8th place, if they werent there I would have been in 6th and I would have made it into the finals and I would have qualified for the New England meet — instead of watching my own event from the sidelines.

The Daily Callers Stephanie Hamill sat down with Soule and attorney Christiana Holcomb with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) organization that is representing her in a challenge against the transgender policies to find out whats next for the high school girls pushing back. (RELATED: The Most Cited Study In The Transgender Debate Is Bad Science)

ADF filed a Title IX complaint on Monday on behalf of Soule and two other female teen athletes negatively affected by the transgender policies.

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