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Ex On The Beach Preview: Aubrey Enlists Coffey To Give Mark Kissing Lessons & Things Get Steamy


Life is GOOD for Aubrey ODay on Ex on the Beach — shes currently dating both Mark AND Coffey, and got to makeout with BOTH of them in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

When most people have an ex arrive to Ex on the Beach, things quickly blow up for them, but thats not the case for Aubrey ODay! Last week, her ex, Lisa Coffey showed up, which couldve easily put a damper on the singers relationship with Mark Jansen. Instead, she got Coffey and Mark to agree to let her date them both. Now, in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sept. 12 episode, Aubrey really does enjoy the best of both worlds after she asks Coffey to give Mak some kissing lessons.

“First and foremost, I know Im not a bad kisser, because Ive kissed enough girls where they want seconds,” Mark says in his confessional. “But Ill play along because I get to kiss Coffey and Coffeys f***ing hot. So, if you want to teach me how to kiss…teach me how to kiss!” Coffey is also up for the challenge because, as she explains, “Im going to show him what Im about. Im not going to pass up the opportunity. So I kiss him. I feel like Mark isnt a competition to me anymore after I kissed him and realized he couldnt kiss. If he cant kiss, imagine what he cant do in the bedroom.”

Aubrey also chimes in during the kissing lessons and urges Mark to “slow it down,” while Coffey lets him know that his “problem” is getting too excited. “I dont know if its because the girls kiss each other, but Ive never kissed anybody like this,” Mark admits. “The way they use their tongues…maybe I havent been kissing right..but its weird.”

After getting in some practice with Coffey, Mark moves onto Aubrey, and t