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New US ambassador takes up post at United Nations


NEW YORK: US Ambassador Kelly Craft took up her post at the United Nations on Thursday (Sep 12), nine months after the departure of her high-profile predecessor Nikki Haley.

Craft, 57, served previously as US ambassador to Canada where she was involved in negotiations on a new US Mexico Canada free trade agreement.



She declined to speak with reporters on her arrival at UN headquarters, making her way to the 38th floor offices of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Haley, who unlike Craft held cabinet rank, emerged as a strong voice of American foreign policy under the US President Donald Trump.

After she stepped down at the end of last year, the role was filled by her number two, Ambassador Jonathan Cohen.

Craft is married to coal company CEO Joe Craft, a big fundraiser and contributor to Trump's 2016 campaign and inauguration festivities.



During a Senate confirmation hearing in June, she pledged not be an obstacle to climate diplomacy, and said she would recuse herself from UN d