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Life mimics art for plague drama in coronavirus-hit Italy


A British film crew shooting a drama about a plague outbreak in Italy has been caught up in the very real panic over coronavirus in the region.

The 18-strong team is filming at the UNESCO-ranked Godi Malinverni villa in Veneto, a region where there are now 58 cases of the virus.

“Its all a bit crazy that this is all happening while were telling a story about a very similar thing,” said writer-director Nicholas Hulbert, 26, who is making an independent short film loosely based on Giovanni Boccaccios 14th century classic The Decameron.

In that book a group of Florentines escape to a countryside villa to wait out an epidemic of bubonic plague by telling each other stories. In Hulberts film The Heptameron, also set during the Black Death, a young woman attends a dinner party and ends up spreading the disease to the other guests.

Actor Rachel Browne on the set of The Heptameron in Lugo di Vicenza, Italy | Blazej Mikula

In Italy the spread of Coronavirus, spreading out from the north-eastern regions of Lombardy and Veneto, has claimed 11 lives, and led to the quarantining of around 50,000 people.

So far the film crew are healthy and have not been quarantined — but they have been stockpilingRead More – Source